About Us


About us

Located in the heartland of the industrial zone of the Treviso Province, 20 minutes from Venice airport,HTDM has been producing medium and large-sized injection moulds for thermoplastics for over twenty years, focusing mainly on the automotive industry.

For companies manufacturing plastics, the mould is the most important production tool and the center pin around which the rest of the production system rotates. Designing and constructing the mould should be a task entrusted to expert and experienced suppliers that can be relied upon to ensure quality of the product and respect of the delivery terms.

At HTDM, clients find professional competence and sector-specific experience, as well as thorough knowledge of new developments in injection moulding and plastics.

These qualities are a valuable resource and competitive advantage for the client and bring added value to the entire thermoplastics production system.


The company was founded by Renato Angelico, father of the current owners, in 1973 with the name of "Costruzioni Meccaniche Angelico s.n.c." for the production of special machinery and moulds for industrial refractory materials. With generational changeover, the company changed its name to Officine Meccaniche s.n.c. (1982), then to "Angelico s.r.l." (1994) and again to "HTDM s.r.l." (1998).

In the last 10 years of business, the company has produced over 100 injection moulds for thermoplastics , most of which have been for the central and northern European markets.


Our corporate mission remains the same as it has always been: the production of high quality moulds and full client satisfaction.

A passion for research and experimentation,together with experience rooted in the productive and cultural context of the field, combine to make HTDM products and services unique and allow the company to respond rapidly to changes in the sector.

Company Structure

Each design phase is followed by qualified technicians, using the most up-to-date hardware and software systems.


HTDM is equipped with a CAD Euclid 3 workstation for reading interface files and producing the project offer, a CAD/CAM 3D Tebis workstationand a CAM SMX CAMPEADOR for designing NC milling machine traces.


The company occupies a site of around 4,500 ms, of which 1,900 are covered, with state of the art machinery which undergoes periodical testing for correct functioning and exact correspondence with the dimensions requested. The production plant can deal with moulds up to 3,000mm x 1,800mm and up to 30,000 kg in weight (OERLIKON MT4H 4.000 mm X 1,400 mm X 1,700 mm, RAMBAUDI RX1000 3,000 mm X 1,000 mm X 1,000 mm, OERLIKON MT2H 2,000 mm X 1,000 mm X 1,000 mm).

Human Resources

Just as the quality of moulded parts relies on correct design of the mould which addresses increasingly diverse and complex requirements, so it follows that the best human resources should be employed. Professional competence and sector-specific experience give winning results in terms of product reliability and quality.

HTDM can count on highly specialized personnel, both in the technical office and the workshop, able to deliver the extremely high quality standards that are the pride of the company, with a total annual production capacity of around 40,000 hours.