The company has acquired considerable experience in the production of medium and large-sized moulds for technical parts and finishings in various sectors, mainly in the automotive industry: central consoles, wheel housing, scuff plates, cowl vents, grilles etc.


Since 1992 HTDM has developed thorough know-how in the production of moulds for plastic / rubber bi-injection

The company also has considerable knowledge, developed in collaboration with sector experts, of the Gas-Assisted Injection moulding Process -Air Moulding- for the automotive, electrical appliance, household goods and furnishings markets.

Competitive Advantages

Choosing HTDM as a partner means being able to count on moulds for moulding and not just for shaping parts. HTDM pays particular attention to the properties and characteristics of the technopolymer, to ensure that the client will be able to mould "well", i.e. to obtain parts withminimum internal stresses, with resulting reduction in deformation and improvedmechanical strength, correct filling which does not detract from the aesthetics of the finish, and a reduction in cycle times resulting from the characteristics of the plastic material used and the quality of the cooling of the mould.