HTDM offers its clients project study, development, and engineering services, co design and mould-Flow analysis, as well as rapid prototype development using various technologies and drawing on a network of highly specialized partners in Italy and abroad.

Starting with the 3D calculations supplied by the client, the numerical control milling machine traces are defined and, passing through all the phases of workshop construction; assembly, testing, finishing and post-testing, the mould is delivered in the shortest time possible.


The approach which distinguishes the company is based on active cooperation with the client,with whom HTDM remains in direct and constant contact during every phase of the project.

Our consultancy service to the client extends from the offer phase to the first draft of the project.

In order to minimize the likelihood of problems arising from the functionality of the mould and proper "mouldability" of the part, HTDM carries outfeasibility studies to support the work of defining the project specifications and the evaluation of materials, techniques, technologies and the relative manufacturing costs.


To reach excellence in the finished product - in terms of mechanical resistance, aesthetics, dimensions of the parts or reduction in cycle times - HTDM offers a consultancy / client involvement service, in the awareness that it is with full involvement of the designer, mould technician, mould miller and raw materials supplier that the best product is attained.


The care taken over qualitative aspects is backed up by full adherence to the agreed testing and delivery program, ensured by further perfectedcontrol of the production stage advancementand by continuous monitoring against the planned timescale.